9 TIPS: How to avoid a bad haircut

9 TIPS: How to avoid a bad haircut - New Gen Studio

Let’s be honest – we’ve all been there at some point: Walking out of the hairdresser’s with an (extremely) bad haircut.
While we all know that a bad haircut isn’t going to kill you, it sure as h… isn’t going to make things any better either.
So.. If you’ve decided to change your ’do for the upcoming fall and winter season, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve created the ultimate list to avoid getting a bad haircut.

Here you can see our list of 9 steps to avoid a bad haircut

1. Come prepared

You’re wearing your hair 24/7 – for this simple reason, it pays to look around and test out before committing to one single barber or hairdresser.

Contrary to what you might think, the expense doesn’t always equal excellence – and, with this in mind, you need to choose your hair stylist or barber based on word of mouth rather than price.

However, while the pricier isn’t always the better, we still don’t recommend that you go for the cheapest possible choice either.
– Instead, spend serious time asking around for recommendations and browse the internet for honest reviews.

Man styling his hair in the mirror

2. Do your homework

While you might leave your hair in the hands of your hair stylist when you’re in the actual chair, there’s still a lot you can do to make sure you walk away with the best hair possible.

– The type of haircut you book determines how you should arrive at the salon:

1. A dry haircut: Come with clean, newly-washed hair
2. Shampoo + haircut: Arrive with your hair lightly styled allowing your hairdresser to see the natural fall of your hair and how you usually style it.

… Got curly or wavy hair? Don’t shampoo your hair two days in advance.

3. Don’t waste time

Arrive approximately 10 minutes before your appointment and receive the best possible service. OR show up late and risk losing valuable cutting and styling time. NO WAY, right?

– Also, if you haven’t visited in six weeks or more, make sure to book some extra time to get what is termed a ‘restyle haircut’.

Man getting a haircut

4. Talk the walk

The moment you take the seat, communicate exactly what you want and allow for your hair stylist or barber to give you some honest feedback too.
– A buzz cut or man bun isn’t necessarily for everyone!

Your new haircut needs to suit both your face and head shape, hair type and your age – and allow for helpful suggestions on how your cut could be improved for the better.

Man getting his sides trimmed by the hairdresser

5. Bring your best hair inspiration

True Story: Avoiding any miscommunications and bad haircuts become much easier if you bring inspiration and pictures of top-notch hairstyles with you.

Showing your hair stylist a picture of the haircut you want will provide your hairstylist with an idea of what you’re looking for – both in terms of cut and even color. Your stylist will also be able to tell you if that particular cut and style works for you – so be prepared to get feedback and maybe only partially the haircut you want.

Man with a fresh haircut

6. Learn from the master

While getting those finishing touches, you have the perfect opportunity to ask for some great at-home styling advice. Even the coolest haircut in the world won’t continue to be cool if you haven’t properly learned to style it – or been shown which products to use.

If you’re unsure on how to nail your new pompadour or whether you need a clay or a glossy pomade, just ask!
– A good stylist will be happy to show you which products to use or provide you with the best tips and tricks for making that do’ come alive.

And remember: Be honest and realistic! If you’d rather snooze than blow-dry every morning, tell the truth and let the maintenance of your cut reflect your actual effort.

Man getting his hair styled by the hairdresser

7. Make it a habit

We cannot stress this enough: To avoid a bad haircut in general, check in for regular chops!
– Your hair grows approximately 1 inch every 4th week and if you’re rocking a disconnect, it can easily be anything but that after 4 weeks without a trim.

Schedule regular appointments at your hairdresser’s in order to keep your new hairstyle looking as sharp as ever.
– Pssst, same goes if you’re trying to grow your hair for that popular man bun.

8. Don’t be afraid to try something new

Okay… We know: Men in general are some loyal and maybe a bit stubborn beasts: They hesitate to change their hairstyle, hairdresser or even hair products.

If it ain’t broken…. But still – try switching it up a bit now and then – try a new barber, go for a new, trending hairstyle and, in general, consider letting a fresh pair of scissors (so to speak) touch your hair.
You might end up with a fresh AF haircut!

Trimming the edges with a shaving knife

9. Speak up 

Finally, in case you’re in bad luck and truly hate your new cut, you need to SPEAK UP  – so your hair stylist can fix it without charge.

Be polite and be honest, tell which areas you’re unsatisfied with and let your hairdresser help fix the problems – either right away or after a few weeks – if too much was taken off the top.